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Success for Soave Versus 2020

Sold out in 6 evenings to celebrate 50 years of the Consortium and 20 years of Italian white wine par excellence

The Soave Versus 2020 event held between Verona and the province for the 20th consecutive year ended. Six evenings with different targets to celebrate 50 years of the Consortium and 20 years of Soave Versus. 250 references of Soave were presented starting from the 2014 vintage up to the most recent harvests; an event that involved 54 different companies. The promoters of the event include the Soave Consortium, Enrico Fiorini, Gianluca Boninsegna, Marco Scandogliero, the AMEN Verona team, Coldiretti, the Soave Wine Route, the Hostaria association.

The event generated a more than positive final balance. The world of Soave met a vast, present and interested audience. So much so that the evenings were sold out and welcomed a far more varied range of participants than in previous years, with the participation of the oldest and the youngest. Everything was done respecting the safety distances and taking the necessary precautions to limit the infections.

One of the main attractions of the evenings was the presentation of the book Soave Terroir (see Efa News of 2/9/2020 ), which tells readers what the elements of uniqueness of the place are. This work has led to the recognition of the 33 Additional Geographical Units of Soave, places where the potential of the grapes of the territories is best expressed, described in detail in the book.

Among the next objectives of the Consortium is to organize a tour for the presentation of the book, making both Italian and international stops. In addition, the Soave Versus Restaurants initiative is active until 7 October, a project that sees the participation of 41 restaurants in Verona and its province. The challenge of the premises is to combine the Soave of the companies involved with the best versions and gastronomic reinterpretations of their dishes.

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