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Burger King kisses McDonald's: Love wins over everything

An advertising campaign on the occasion of the Helsinki Pride, to celebrate love and put aside old grudges

Burger King kisses McDonald's at Helsinki Pride 2020 in Finland. The event started on 7 September, will end on Sunday 13 September with the traditional parade. On the occasion of the 'feast of love', the famous international fast food restaurant chain Burger King Corporation has launched an advertising campaign in which it kisses one of its major competitors: the American chain of fast food restaurants McDonald's.

Burger King was born in Miami in 1954 and arrived in Italy in 1999. Today there are more than 175 restaurants on the peninsula and the company aims to double the numbers within a few years.

The historic rivalry between the two fast food restaurants has very far and deep roots. Today, however, the old grudges seem to have been put aside and 'love wins everything'. This is the slogan with which Burger King wants to pay homage to love in all its possible forms, and at the same time advertise the company's brand. An occasion, that of the Helsinki Pride 2020, to celebrate the love between man and woman, between two women and two men, between adults and children, animals and humans, and today also between two great giants of international fast food.

Kaisa Kasila , Burger King's brand manager in Finland, said: "Burger King has always been committed to equality, love and everyone's right to be who they want to be. Perhaps the only case where it might not seem like it. so it is when we joke with our competitor. However, we want to make it clear that it always comes from our absolute respect for them. Furthermore, we already know that McDonald's abides by the same principles and values as ourselves".

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