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Lindt Home of Chocolate: the new house close to Zurich

A unique competence center in Switzerland

On Sunday 13 September 2020, the Lindt Home of Chocolate based in Kilchber near Zurich will open its doors to the public. The company known for international chocolate production started this project 36 months ago, officially inaugurated yesterday by Roger Federer . Ernst Tanner , chairman of the board of directors of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation, said: "By building the Lindt Home of Chocolate, we have created a unique chocolate competence center in Switzerland and it will strengthen innovation in our industry in the long term."

The new headquarters of the company aims to become a refreshment point for about 350,000 visitors a year, chocolate lovers both nationally and internationally. The modern construction was built in the same building belonging to the company's historic factory dating back to 1899, but today it is a three-story chocolate house. Each area offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the world of chocolate.

At the entrance there is a 9-meter chocolate fountain, there is a large interactive exhibition that tells the story of chocolate from the first uses of the cocoa plant, up to the evolution of machinery for the chocolate industry. Visitors will have access to the 'chocolate heaven', an area reserved for the tasting of Lindt products. The 'chocolateria' has been set up, a laboratory where guests can make their own chocolate, with the support of the master chocolatiers. The walk-in laboratories and a pilot plant are also active, showing the birth of the chocolate in every phase, through two large windows from which it is possible to observe the work of the maîtres chocolatiers.

The first Lindt café in Switzerland and the largest Lindt chocolate shop in the world were opened inside the new headquarters. Tickets for the chocolate tour and for the workshops can be purchased on the company's website, on which prices and opening hours to the public are also indicated.

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