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Change of management for Apofruit

Ernesto Fornari is the new group's general manager

Change of management for the Apofruit Group, a cooperative company in the fruit and vegetable market. The board of directors elected Ernesto Fornari as the new general manager of the Group. Fornari is of Romagna origin, is 61 years old and has grown professionally within the same company. He was chosen for his consolidated experience and deep knowledge of the dynamics of the world of production, the market and relations with the social base. The new director already held the role of member of the general management. For 23 years he led the subsidiary Canova srl, the commercial company of the Group specialized in the organic sector which, in 2019, exceeded 90 million in turnover.

Apofruit Italia has been on the international scene for about 50 years and carries out the mission of maximum specialization on the main Italian fruit and vegetables. The company directs its work towards the differentiation of the offer, the variety renewal, product and process innovation, services tailored to modern sales channels and the organizational and management efficiency of the company.

Today the cooperative is present on the national territory with 15 processing plants and 16 structures for the collection and storage of products. It is engaged in the application of the procedures for controlling the production process, in the development of organic production and reserves various investments in energy saving.

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