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Cirfood promotes the new Position Paper 2020

The road map towards a circular economic model for the relaunch of Italy

Cirfood, part of the Alliance for the circular economy, promotes the new "Position Paper 2020" which presents the road map towards a circular economic model for the relaunch of Italy. Five objectives and 23 detailed actions aimed at exploiting the potential for economic, social, environmental and decarbonisation development linked to the circular economy. The plan calls for a 7% increase in investments, a 10% reduction in raw material costs, as well as 700,000 new jobs in Europe until 2030.

The following are part of the Alliance: A2A, Aquafil, Bvlgari, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Cetena (Fincantieri Group), Cirifood, Costa Cruises, Enel, Erg, FaterSmart, Hera Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, NextChem (Maire Tecnimont Group), Novamont, Salvatore Ferragamo, TH-Resorts and Italian Touring Club. Companies interpreting a transformative economy that does not waste resources, which preserves natural capital, which combines competitiveness and environmental sustainability. The Position Paper 2020 is accompanied by projects and good practices that demonstrate the effectiveness of circularity and the concreteness of the commitment carried out by the members of the Alliance.

Cirfood, an Italian catering cooperative company, is strongly committed to reducing food waste and paying attention to the environment. In the first case, the company has equipped itself with an IT tool for calculating the needs of the products necessary for the realization of the meals, thanks to which it transmits to its suppliers a prior communication of the annual requirements in terms of estimated quantity for each product category. It collaborates with the Solidarity Association to recover raw materials that for various reasons (product surplus or the approaching expiry date) cannot be used by kitchens. The food is then donated to solidarity emporiums, soup kitchens, caritas. The company collaborates with Esosport, active in the waste recovery sector, for the recycling of employee safety shoes that will be destined for social responsibility projects, such as the construction of flooring for playgrounds and athletics tracks. In the environmental field, Cirfood has made investments aimed at the use of renewable sources, and has launched an initiative with the municipality of Salerno for the introduction of exclusively biodegradable and compostable certified crockery in the city school canteens.

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