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ThinkAbout: model for combating food waste

The innovative start-up protagonist at the Milan CSR Show

The eighth edition of the CSR and social innovation exhibition scheduled in Milan on 29 and 30 September, sees among its protagonists ThinkAbout, the first company in Italy to exploit food surpluses in an economically sustainable way. The milanese start-up demonstrates how circular economy models can also be applied to the food supply chain, limiting the waste of food that is still edible and at the same time with benefits for all those involved in the process.

In Italy, food waste amounts to 5% of annual production for a value of some tens of billions. The company led by Andrea Briganti was chosen as a start-up model focused on the fight against food waste thanks to the "NO.W! NoWaste" project. The program envisages collaboration with the environmental consultancy firm Life Cycle Engineering, with which it is developing innovative life-cycle assessment metrics that make it possible to calculate the reduction of the carbon footprint for each individual food product removed from waste by the participants in the project.

"NO.W! No Waste", ThinkAbout's first project, connects companies from all sectors with food producers, large and small, to recover food that is still consumable along all the supply chains, before it is disposed of.

The project benefits all the subjects involved: producers who supply packaged foods otherwise destined for pulping; companies offer a valuable benefit to their employees and contribute to the fight against waste; the latter have the opportunity to make ethical and sustainable purchases, as well as advantageous. “A process that makes everyone more aware of the absolute interdependence between production and consumption and of the importance of individual behavior”, underlines Briganti.

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