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LNG trucks are traveling in Sicily

Nicolosi Trasporti creates the first liquid natural gas distributor in southern Italy

The first Lng (Liquid Natural Gas) distribution plant in Sicily was inaugurated, built by Nicolosi Trasporti, a logistics company chaired by Gaetano Nicolosi , and historical partner of Lidl Italia. The new green vehicles will also serve the outlets of the discount supermarket chain.

Marco Falcone, regional councilor for infrastructure and mobility of the Sicily region, commented: "Nicolosi Trasporti does honor not only to Catania because his project has a dignity of national rank. I am particularly pleased to be here, because I have the opportunity to experiment on the one hand with changing logistics, which puts biomethane-fueled vehicles on the road. On the other hand, because they are at their side, there are those who had the intuition to produce this system to put it on the market. The regional government looks with great interest in the realities that focus on alternative transport ".

On the same occasion, the first biomethane production plant was also presented, which will be generated thanks to the use of waste and by-products of agricultural production. The project was carried out by the agricultural company Assoro Biometano, and represents one more step towards Lidl Italia's long-term goal: the decarbonisation of transport.

The logistics director, Luca Ros , said: "Thank to Nicolosi Trasporti, our historic partner, and we are proud to expand our green fleet here in Sicily with the first vehicles powered by Lng, a fuel that we have been using since 2015 and that we have strongly helped develop throughout the peninsula. From tomorrow, 16 trucks powered by LNG will supply our points of sale and, soon, they will also be joined by vehicles powered by biomethane. "

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