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Marine Stewardship Council publishes new "Annual Report"

409 fishing activities have the certification Msc

Marine Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization that promotes ocean health through its seafood sustainability standards, publishes the new annual report containing data and the progress of sustainable fisheries globally.

12 months after the previous report, the organization sees encouraging progress, but stresses the need to increase efforts to meet the scale of the challenges facing the oceans. The new data shows that more than 17% of the world's fish catch comes from small and large fisheries involved in the MSC certification program. Compared to the previous year, the fishing activities in possession of the MSC certification increased by 48 units, reaching 409 in total. In the year 2018-19 there are 1,751 measurable and concrete improvements in fishing activities, benefiting marine ecosystems, fish stocks and species at risk of extinction.

The data reported in the latest FAO Sofia report indicate that 34.2% of the stocks are fished at biologically unsustainable levels. FAO has recognized that sustainably managed fisheries are more productive and resilient to change. Today 45,160 companies are certified according to the Msc standard for the chain of custody, which ensures the identification, segregation and traceability of the certified product.

Msc has launched 5 "Pathway to sustainability" projects, thanks to funding from institutional donors, which aim to support fishermen towards the adoption of more sustainable practices. "Pathway to sustainability" is also present in Italy with the "Blufish" project funded by Mava, which aims to accompany the fishing activities of southern Italy and the islands on a path towards sustainability, providing support and tools to improve fishing practices and restoring fish stocks to health.

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