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First report on the impact of European incubators and accelerators

Presentation by the Social Innovation Monitor research team

The Social Innovation Monitor research team, based in the management and production engineering department of the Politecnico di Torino, will present online the results of the analyzes carried out for the first time on the ecosystems of incubators / accelerators in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. United. In these countries there are more than 1200 business incubators / accelerators, with an estimated 7165 employees. The most important services for these organizations mainly concern networking services, physical and shared spaces, access to financing and training and managerial support .

The research, which will be presented and discussed by a panel of experts on 20 October at 17:00, was carried out in collaboration with Italia Startup which following the merger with Apsti gave birth to InnovUp, the Enterprise Educators Uk Association, the German Startups Association, La Boussole des Entrepreneurs, PniCube Association, the Spanish Startups Association, the Ukspa Association, and with the support of Experientia, Instilla and Social Innovation Teams (Sit).

According to the study, it emerges that in the 5 analyzed countries there are 1217 incubators and accelerators, of which 182 are business incubators and 227 university incubators. France has the largest number of incubators / accelerators with a total of 284; followed by the United Kingdom with 274, by Germany with 247, by Spain and Italy with 215 and 197 incubators and accelerators respectively. The highest number of employees in incubators and accelerators was estimated in the UK, with 2164 employees. Followed by France with 1420 employees, Spain with 1376, Germany with 1111 and finally Italy with 1094.

An interesting fact that emerges from the report concerns the percentage of equity held by incubators / accelerators in the organizations they incubate. On average, 17.5% of the incubators and accelerators of the 5 analyzed states hold shares in the incubated organizations.

The survey focused on incubators and accelerators that support start-ups with a social and / or environmental impact: in France and the United Kingdom, the most sustained startups with a social impact are those in the " Health & Wellness" sector. , while in Italy and Germany most of the startups supported belong to the environmental and animal protection sector. Spain stands out for the predominance of startups with social impact in the sustainable tourism and responsible consumption sector.

Paolo Landoni, professor at the Polytechnic of Turin and scientific director of the research, commented: “We are pleased to note that in all the countries we have examined there are a significant number of incubators / accelerators. Interestingly, the numbers, especially when compared to each country's population, are highly comparable. We need to explore this further, and there is the possibility of a coherent model of incubation / acceleration in Europe ”.

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