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Gerber (Nestlé) unveils the frozen Freshful Start range for children

Nutritious options for little ones's meals

Gerber, a Nestlé-owned brand, enters the frozen food sector with the launch of a new line of organic morsels based on vegetables and whole grains. According to the company, the products of the Freshful Start range can be prepared in a few minutes and are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes.

Designed for babies 12 months and older, the organic cereal and vegetable bowls come in three varieties: "Tomato and Basil" with wholemeal pasta, tomatoes, yellow peppers, courgettes and cabbage. "Mac & cheese" source of calcium, containing cheddar cheese and broccoli, as well as puree carrots and sweet potatoes. "Southwest", important source of iron with vegetables, black beans and brown rice. Organic Veggie Bites are available in two variants: the first which provides iron, fiber, cereals and proteins, thanks to the presence of yellow carrot, kale, lentils and quinoa; another based on broccoli, lentils and cheddar cheese, made with natural ingredients that provide the right amount of iron, whole grains and fiber.

“Busy families are looking for quick meals for the little ones that provide the nutrition their bodies need as they grow older. Parents can rely on Gerber Organic Freshful Start bowls and steaks, nutritious options for little ones' meals, "said Dr. Erin Quann, Gerber / Nestlé Nutrition Head of Medical Affairs."Designed by our experts, options complete like these, introduce young children to a variety of nutritious foods and drinks, helping to establish healthy eating habits from the very beginning of their development. "

Last year, Nestlé opened a new factory in China, marking the country's first official production of Gerber Nutripuff, a cereal-based snack for kids.

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