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AB InBev, turnover up by 4%

The company embraces trends and focuses on premium and superpremium products

The Group in Italy contributed 13%, in terms of value, to the growth of the beer market in the January-October period.

Some of the consumption trends already underway before the pandemic saw a clear acceleration: the rapid growth of e-commerce, with more than + 132% 1 in sales compared to last year, the importance attributed to meal times and the great attention to quality, which is reflected in the choice of premium products made with natural ingredients. These are the macrotrends that characterize the Italian market that emerged from an analysis by AB InBev, a company with over 500 brands including Stella Artois, Corona and Beck's. The Group in Italy contributed 13%, in terms of value, to the growth of the beer market in the January-October period, thanks to the solid performance of its portfolio of premium and superpremium products. Notably, Stella Artois, Leffe and Hoegaarden, whose sales have grown in double digits, are among the fastest growing premium and superpremium brands, while Corona and Tennent's Super have seen significant single-digit growth.

"Beer is part of Italian culture and conviviality, just think that six out of ten Italians, despite the concerns about the economic situation, declare that they do not want to reduce their consumption outside the home, once they are back to normal. Quality is particularly important for Italian consumers, who consider it one of the top 3 reasons to buy a new product, with 79.7% 5 of them declaring themselves more attentive to this aspect than before the pandemic. Our Italian ambition, for 2021 and the years to come, responds perfectly to these trends: we want to become number one in creating value for customers and consumers with our portfolio of premium beers", comments Arnaud Hanset, country director of the company for Italy.

Hanset continues talking about the "Save Your Bar" initiative launched in the first half of the year, which has supported over 420 venues, allowing them to receive upfront credit from consumers, as well as an additional direct donation equal to 30% of the total value by AB InBev. "We also financed the adoption by some points of sale of Dishcovery's digital menu service, with the same company, we activated delivery services with digital payment, thus allowing them to adapt to the measures adopted to cope with phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency. We continue to stand by our partners and listen to them, helping them to readjust to the new context and prepare for the reopening".

Hanset points out that the company is preserving all jobs and working hours, in some cases reallocating people to other areas, activating specific training activities and protecting the team spirit by organizing "Virtual Beer sessions", which shifted the company's weekly networking appointments to digital. "The recent inauguration of our new headquarters in Milan, which also houses the headquarters of our Central Europe business unit, is the clearest sign of the resources we want to continue to deploy and of what we believe in a recovery in the sector". The company saw its global revenue grow by 4% in the third quarter of 2020, as well as margins and profitability compared to the same period in 2019.

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