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Ifco: solidarity initiatives to support food banks around the world continue

Donated 360,000 Rpc since the start of this program

Ifco, a leading company in the supply of reusable plastic packaging for fresh food (Rpc), confirms its social commitment also in 2020, continuing to support the programs of food banks around the world despite the impact of the pandemic. The company donated more than 63,000 Rpc to food banks during the year. "Rpc help provide billions of people with fresh, healthy, affordable and nutritious food," commented Michael Pooley, CEO of Ifco. "For our company and its employees it has always been very important to donate to those who need it most and to support the communities we target. This year in particular, the difficult circumstances we have faced have had a negative impact on food safety. in many countries of the world ".

In Italy, the company's corporate office is based in Padua, but the german company is active in over 50 countries. Operates a pool of more than 300 million reusable plastic containers globally, which are used annually for over 1.7 billion shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, bread and other products, from suppliers to food retailers. The company's social commitment also includes the adoption of many precautionary measures in all its branches in order to protect workers, guaranteeing unlimited access to Dpi and hand sanitizer in all departments where it was not possible to adopt methods remote work, as in the case of washing centers. To reward the commitment and strategic role of its employees, the company has developed an economic incentive program based on presence at work. To support hauliers and limit the inconvenience due to the closure of service areas on motorways in some southern European countries, Ifco has provided drivers with coffee, fruit, bottles of water and free access to toilets and showers.

Among the activities carried out by the company in 2020 we should mention: the donation of Rpc to food banks around the world, for a total of 360,000 since the beginning of this program. Among the countries involved: United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Spain; Support for organizations with a strong social and political commitment from CSR, such as Well Pack Group, which is committed to supporting children in various fields. The activities promoted include the access of disabled children to football teams, the distribution of school vouchers to support children with special needs and support for orphanages. Another example is Rpc's donation to the Meals on Wheels People association operating in the vast Portland-Vancouver area. "Since the start of the pandemic, our meal production has gone from 5,000 to nearly 8,000 per day and deliveries have been reduced from 5 to just 1 day per week. This means that our volunteers have found themselves having to deliver a large number of meals in a short time", explained Suzanne Washington, CEO of Meals on Wheels People."The Rpc will allow us to safely package food, thus optimizing the transport by volunteers. These new containers are perfect for transporting cold and frozen products. In addition, they can be stacked, are more capacious and can be easily washed every day".

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