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Ferrero pilot project with Loop and Carrefour in Paris

To develop the new jar of Nutella, the first of its kind, which meets all the necessary criteria for reuse

The Nutella brand starts a collaboration with Loop, a platform committed to reuse, and Carrefour, for a pilot project in Paris. Thanks to this initiative, shoppers will be able to purchase a specially designed reusable jar of Nutella from 10 pilot stores and on the Carrefour website, leaving a cash sum. Carrefour will then collect the empty cans for washing and reuse. Ferrero's in-house design team worked closely with Loop experts to develop the new pilot jar of Nutella, the first of its kind, which meets all the necessary criteria for reuse. The result of this collaboration is a specially designed jar that is durable, safe, hygienic and which features an optimized label and seal that can be easily removed during the wash cycle.

Recycling projects for glass jars and Nutella plastic caps are already active in France. However, through this pilot project, Ferrero, Loop and other brands will be able to test operationally and from a consumer perspective what benefits the reuse platform can bring.

After signing the "New Plastics Economy Global Commitment" in 2019, led by the Ellen MacArthur foundation and the Un Environment (Unep), Ferrero has now become a member of the foundation, taking part in the "New Plastics Economy (Npec) Initiative". The Group joins companies of the entire plastic value chain, sharing with them a common vision of a circular economy, a vision in which this material never becomes waste or pollution. An important step in Ferrero's path to make all packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. In the Npec Initiative, collaborations along the value chain between companies, aimed at developing large-scale solutions, are crucial. Ferrero will play an active role, working on shared R&D and innovation projects, to continue to lead the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

The company's "Research & Development" division has created a new recyclable packaging for Kinder Happy Hippo, respecting the Ceflex recyclability guidelines for flexible films and with an improved recyclability profile. The new packaging is now available to consumers, which has a mono-material structure in polypropylene and which provides the necessary protection to the product. Ferrero took part in the 4evergreen alliance, aimed at increasing the contribution of fiber packaging in a circular and sustainable economy that minimizes the climate and environmental impact. Through the alliance, the Group will engage and collaborate with industry members across the fiber packaging value chain, from paper and board manufacturers to packaging converters, brand owners and retailers, technology and materials suppliers. and waste collectors.

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