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#ChristmasMenu: the top 10 of "must have" according to Instagram

Panettone wins over pandoro, lasagna and lentils always present

Instagram reveals what are the must haves for the perfect Christmas lunch or dinner. First of all, the age-old question: panettone or pandoro team? With more than 580 thousand photos posted under the hashtag #panettone and 157 thousand under #pandoro, the preference of Italians on which dessert to bring to Christmas' table seems quite evident. In particular, the artisanal panettone, increasingly appreciated compared to industrial products, is very popular in its most disparate variants: chocolate, pistachio and even vegan. The gastronomic panettone, the savory variant of the traditional Christmas cake, is also enjoying some success, with more than 90,000 photos posted under the respective hashtag. Furthermore, in times of quarantine, the newfound love for home cooking and for “homemade” is felt especially at Christmas. The over 6 thousand photos with the hashtag #panettonefattoincasa and #pandorofattoincasa testify to this. Starting with the appetizers, the shots with the hashtag #tartine are more than 270 thousand. The photos with the hashtag #salumi are especially popular: 293 thousand. The hashtags #salumiitaliani and #formaggiitaliani, which collect respectively 13,000 and 10,7,000 photos, are a clear sign of the love for made in Italy.

Among Christmas first courses, lasagna is a timeless classic and, according to Instagram, it is the most loved and photographed dish: the hashtag #lasagne has more than 760,000 images. #lasagnealpesto and #lasagnevegetariane respectively count 3.4 thousand and 2.5 thousand photos, a symptom of the gradual shift of many people towards a more plant-based type of diet. More than 160,000 shots under the hashtag #soup of all tastes: vegetables, legumes, onions, potatoes. Those who do not have time to prepare all the necessary ingredients can rely on the ready-made soups available on the market. A sector that, according to a survey by Allied Market Research, experienced a phase of decline during the lockdown due to the difficulty in finding raw materials, the lack of labor and the closure of both production units and some retail stores. However, in the post-lockdown scenario, due to the ease and short time they require for their preparation, soups create a high market demand in the “ready-made” era. Then there are those who prefer a broth to the soup, perhaps as an accompaniment to the Emilian tortellini. The hashtag #tortellini has about 450,000 photos.

For the latter, the favorite dish is eel, always present primarily on Neapolitan tables, as it is considered a symbol of good luck against bad luck. More than 390 thousand shots with the hashtag #anguilla. Discreet success also for lentils, which can be enjoyed both as a side dish and as a single dish: 93 thousand photos under the respective hashtag. And to conclude the hashtag #fruttasecca collects around 99 thousand photos.

Finally, this is top 10 of the dishes that must not be missing in the perfect Christmas menu, according to Instagram: lasagna, panettone, tortellini, eel, meats and cheeses, canapés, soup, pandoro, dried fruit and lentils.

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