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Masi Foundation remembers Pierre Cardin

The Italian naturalized French designer wins “Civiltà Veneta” Award in 1997

The Masi Foundation remembers Pierre Cardin, the naturalized French Italian designer who passed away on 29 december 2020. The unparalleled and revolutionary designer, forerunner of many fashion trends and creator of an economic empire, was awarded in 1997, together with Enzo Bettiza and Federico Faggin , the “Civiltà Veneta prize”.

Sandro Boscaini, vice president of the Masi Foundation and patron of Masi, recalls on this sad occasion the surprise that the Venetian Civilization Award created: "Almost no one imagined that behind the Frenchman 'Pierre Cardìn' there was an authentic Venetian blood by the name of Pietro Costante Cardin, born in July 1922 in Treviso. In our search to nominate illustrious and well-known Venetians in the world, Cardìn emerged with arrogance a few years earlier; the offer was then politely declined, considering the interested party as his own brand name was inextricably linked to Paris and France. In 1997, with his phone call, he requested the candidacy, declaring 'now that I have a home in Venice on the Grand Canal, I feel more Venetian than ever, I am back to my origins'. His presence at the ceremony was very significant and full of anecdotes. Two other illustrious Venetians were awarded with him, Faggin, father of the microchip, one of the most famous computer scientists and entrepreneurs in the world, and Bettiza, a great journalist and editor of important newspapers. We rewarded in '97 then as still today three Venetians open to the world capable of 'knowing how to do and making people known'”.

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