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Greensan Limited designs new factory in Italy

The group specialized in compostable packaging has a partnership in JV with Competitive Green Technologies

Greensan Limited Srl, a leading Italian company in the production of compostable and biobased materials for packaging and disposable (shopping bags, pods, capsules and stirrers for coffee, cutlery, glasses, gloves, etc.) has signed a Joint Venture partnership with Competitive Green Technologies which in Leamington, Canada, has a production plant of 160,000 tons / year and is a leader in the North American market. Furthermore, the Italian group has announced the opening, by the end of this year, of a compound production site in Italy, north of Milan, with the aim of becoming a leader in Italy for the supply of compostable products and achieving, by 2025, a turnover of over 120 million euros.

Currently Greensan, controlled by the Mastrandea family, also has a consolidated partnership with the Chinese company Shenzhen Yanfa Technology, which has a capacity of 35 thousand tons per year, and with the IMB of Benevento.

Francesco Mastrandrea is the CEO and Managing Director of Greensan Limited, and his father Gaetano, President, was the first in Europe in 1994 to manufacture and market a starch-based Ecostar master under license from St. Lorence Starch.

Greensan Limited and CGT are respectively active in the formulation and production of compostable polymers for monolayer films obtained from biomass with barrier properties to oxygen, CO2 and water vapor, products made on the know-how and patents of the company CGT and the University of Guelph of Canada who have developed, first in the world, a range of compostable biobased monolayer compounds with barrier properties, using coffee and cocoa peels as the main source of raw materials. The carbon footprint (LCA) of the products is absolutely winning because it does not subtract water, soil and food.

Cino Serrao, Vice President, in charge of institutional relations and development of Greensan Limited, explains that "the use of these full-bio and compostable materials is expected to expand rapidly in the future such as Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and numerous Eastern European countries, with low transport costs and low CO 2 emissions. The expertise of Greensan Limited, the know-how of the Canadian partner, the certifications for contact with food already obtained - in addition to a consolidated range of products, qualified and in the process of being approved by some strategic customers - will allow Greensan Limited to start up the production plant from the following day. The group intends to support leading companies in the sectors that are most affected by legislative pressure, offering them a solution without compromises or unknowns, thanks to high flexibility of use of different Bio polymeric matrices, enriched with combinations of "tailor-made" proprietary compounds and skilfully combined for flexible and rigid structures with moisture and oxygen barriers, vital for food and pharmaceutical companies".

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