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Poultry: Franco-Hungarian Tranzit invests € 55 million

That is 20 billion forints for development of its plants

The Tranzit Group, a company operating in the poultry meat processing sector, will invest 20 billion florins, equal to approximately 55 million euros, in the development of its factories. The company owns 60 animal breeding plants, two slaughterhouses, three meat processing plants and two for mixing feed. Thanks to the investment, the farms belonging to the Tranzit-Ker Zrt company will be modernized and a new mixing plant will be built. The Hungarian and French-owned Group recently completed another 15 billion forint investment, in which it created new livestock facilities and modernized the Nyírgelse slaughterhouse. The Group's turnover amounted to 66 billion forints in 2020. Ice talks today from its headquarters in Bucharest, on

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