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Ue, organic fruit: parliamentary question on preservation technologies

More effective freezing and drying process than cold rooms

Question by Mr Daniel Buda to the European Commission. 01/14/2021.

The technologies used to preserve organic fruit in a controlled environment revolve around the use of different concentrations of gas, low temperatures and high humidity levels. Environmental processing technologies have been developed that freeze organic fruit at -80 ° C and then freeze it. Scientists running this project observed during their research that fruit stored in a controlled atmospheric environment will keep longer than when stored in a normal cold room. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of the fruit were also perfectly preserved.

The project was tested on the following fruits: apples, plums, blueberries, aronia, strawberries and cherries. The aim is to make organically produced fruit free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers available to consumers throughout the year, whether fresh or minimally treated using clean and environmentally friendly technologies, thus helping to guarantee people's health .

What tools can the commission use to develop training guides for organic fruit preservation technologies, with minimal product handling by freezing / drying, compliant and relevant to European legislation?

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