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Prosecco Doc: over 500 million bottles in 2020

The Consortium: "Historic milestone but not a point of arrival"

Doc Prosecco closed the year with a 2.8% growth compared to the certified volumes in 2019 which, in absolute values, means an increase of just under 14 million bottles. “This is a historic milestone", comments the president of the Consortium, Stefano Zanette , "but it certainly does not constitute a point of arrival. In fact, there are many challenges that still await us, starting with the one concerning the segmentation of the offer with a greater characterization of the productions also from an organoleptic sensorial point of view, without forgetting the actions already started for some time aimed at improving the perception of the denomination, with particular regard to the environmental and social sustainability of the entire DOC Prosecco territory. These actions will be privileged for a consolidation of the main markets, rather than just to increase sales volumes".

With regard to the result, Zanette affirms that it did not depend exclusively on the introduction of the Rosé type which recorded a production of 16.8 million bottles, but largely on the consumer's awareness in choosing. In fact, "where the consumer has the opportunity to buy a wine by seeing the label, when he wants a Prosecco, he buys a Prosecco, while in the administration he sometimes asks for a Prosecco but he is served another wine", explains the president.

"In the hope that the catering will soon resume its business, we would also like public establishments to commit themselves to correctly communicate quality agri-food and Prosecco in particular, just as we, on various occasions and in different ways, have witnessed the our proximity to this fundamental sector of the economy of our country. In any case, as a Consortium we will increase our activities not only of protection and supervision, but also of training and information, in order to give our consumers more and more certainty, to whom we ask to report all suspicious cases, because only Prosecco is like Prosecco", continues Zanette.

The president affirms that considering the encouraging data collected by Nomisma - Wine Monitor, about the perception of this Doc, the average value of the sales of the product on the shelf is in line with the expectations of the Italian and international consumer, in fact the share of product sold to "entry level" prices represent a marginal fraction (around 4%), "however we must continue in a process of continuous improvement of the quality of our products, raising the average level, and strive to guarantee a 'durability' to the denomination that allows producers and local communities to feel more and more part of the success of Prosecco Doc”, he concludes.

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