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Stop the "cork flavor" in wine, with Epiq di Ganau

The "Tca Free" one-piece natural cork closure

The company is the first to use Vocusò technology in Italy

Ganau, an Italian company engaged internationally in the production of corks, announces Epiq, the one-piece natural cork Tca Free (2,4,6-Trichloroanisole ≤ 0,5 ng / L). The company, in its third generation of family management, is the first to use Vocusò technology in Italy.

It is a technological innovation that will ensure the maximum purity and reliability of the cork stopper, guaranteeing a conservation and consequent evolution of the taste and bouquet of the wine, avoiding the unpleasant cork taste caused by the Tca molecule. An industrial process that will avoid loss of image to many wine producers generated by the possible presence of cork scent, and which is extremely relevant for fine wines, even more so if we consider that some are now valued as safe-haven assets such as gold and silver.

Ganau has started a collaboration with the Swiss company Tofwerk since 2018 to develop, on an industrial scale, a highly reliable and precise instrument for the detection of TCA, based on the Vocusò screening technology. Through a Tof-Ms mass spectrometer (Time of Flight - Mass Spectrometer), Vocusò allows to identify the Tca molecules present in a cork well below the sensory perception threshold in linear correlation with the Tca determination method releasable from corks (Isi 20752 standard).

Until now, the one-piece natural corks used in the closure of the finest wine bottles still presented a possible risk margin despite all the separation, screening and extraction systems on the market. Today, in less than 3 seconds, the company is able to analyze a natural cap using the same technology applied on NASA planes to monitor atmospheric components in real time, as well as that used by CERN in the Cloud climate study project. The Epiq cork was created with the aim of ensuring a very high quality and performance capacity over the years of wine storage. It is made with highly selected cork that undergoes further physical "sanitization" treatments (both steam and ozone) which therefore strengthen the final organoleptic result even more.

The Ganau family, has been operating in the sector for three generations and founded the company of the same name 80 years ago. In addition to the headquarters in Tempio Pausania (SS), the company has factories in Sonoma in the United States and Épernay in France, close to the main production sites of the great Californian wines and Champagne. “We are proud of the achievements and in particular of this important innovation that allows us once again to raise quality standards and offer the market a guarantee of purity that was considered unthinkable until now. Our customers recognize the quality of our products determined by a perennial search for the best raw materials, which we find in the Mediterranean basin, by a production that is attentive to the smallest details and sustainability of the cork forests and dictated by the same curiosity and desire for innovation that has pushed to experiment with the new Vocusò technology”, declares the family.

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