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EU: origin labeling obligation for rabbit meat?

Question by Mara Bizzotto to the European Commission

Question by Mara Bizzotto to the European Commission. 07/10/2020.

Subject: Obligation of origin labeling for rabbit meat to protect the made in Italy production.

Recently the association of producers Coldiretti Treviso has raised the alarm regarding the speculation on the prices of rabbit meat made in Italy. The Treviso cunicola companies, which represent the most productive province with 2.5 million out of 20 million heads produced in Italy, report strong distortions in the determination of the production price on the tunnel market. Although the consumer price is constant at around 8-9 Euros per kilo, producers are paid only 1.2 Euros / kilo, an amount that does not even cover production costs, which is why many companies risk closure.

This situation is also caused by unfair competition from countries, both European and non-European, which export rabbit meat below cost and of dubious quality to the Italian market. Considering that there are speculations on the prices of rabbit meat both in Veneto and in Emilia-Romagna, where the production of Italian rabbit is concentrated, and having taken note of the fact that the (EU) regulation no. 1169/2011 has made mandatory the indication of origin for fresh pork, sheep-goat and poultry meat, while rabbit meat is excluded from this obligation.

To Commission is asked:

1. Does it intend to extend the obligation of origin labeling to rabbit meat and rabbit-based processed products, for greater traceability of meat to protect consumers?

2. Does it intend to strengthen controls on imports from non-EU countries and on unfair intra-EU competition to protect Italian producers?

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