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Spain. Anierac: sales down 2,4% in 2020

Growing olive oil, vegetable oils and olive pomace to the downside

The Spanish National Association of Industrialists and Refiners of Edible Oil (Anierac) closed the 2020 financial year with a sale of 671.4 million liters of oil, 2.4% less than in 2019. This is due to the fact that, despite the increase in the sales of olive oil, there has been a significant decline in vegetable and olive pomace oils, mainly caused by the closure of the on-trade channel during the first months of the lockdown.

Olive oil as a whole recorded growth in 2020. This translates into sales of 349 million liters in 2020, compared to 321.3 million liters in 2019, meaning there was an increase by 8.5% in 2020. On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil recorded sales of 146.9 million liters, an amount 11.6% higher than 2019. The figures for "light" and "heavy" oil amount to 123.1 and 54 million liters; there was an increase of 5% and 10.8% respectively compared to 2019. Oil produced from virgin olive records sales of 24.8 million liters, an amount higher than 4.3% compared to the previous year. Olive pomace oil, with a total figure of 12.2 million liters in 2020, shows a decrease of 14.2% compared to 2019. Finally, during 2020, 310.27 million liters were produced of vegetable oils, 42.50 million liters less than in 2019, with a decrease of 12.05%. This is mainly caused by the decrease in sales of sunflower oil, which went from 306.73 million liters in 2019 to 277 million liters in 2020, and refined seed oil, which went from 43.29 million to 3.77 million.

Specifically in December 2020, the oil marketing figure stood at 55.5 million liters, of which 28.4 million corresponding to olive oil in all its categories, just over one million liters with pomace oil and 26 million liters of vegetable oils. In December, extra virgin olive oil reached 12.1 million liters and the "light" category reached 8.7. Virgin olive oil and "intense" olive oil reached 2.3 and 5.2 million liters respectively. As for olive pomace oil, one million liters were placed on the market in December. Sales of vegetable oils in December amounted to 26 million liters. Sunflower oil was produced for a total of 22.98 million liters, while refined seed oil for 2.9 million liters.

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