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The Lambrusco protection consortium is born

From the merger of the protection consortia of Modena, Reggio Emilia and of Reno

As anticipated by EFA News (see article dated 2/10/2020 ), the Italian Lambrusco protection consortium is born, which today elected its board of directors. A reality created by the merger of the protection consortia of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Reno, for a total annual production of 42 million bottles. "In recent months I have followed the path towards the establishment of a single consortium for the protection of Lambrusco, and I really want to congratulate the wineries, the wine companies and other operators in the sector for this new organizational structure that makes it even stronger and more competitive on the market an excellence of our regional territory such as Lambrusco”, comments the Emilia Romagna Councilor for Agriculture, Alessio Mammi .

“There is not a single Lambrusco”, continues Mammi, “consumers are offered dozens of bottles with different shades of color, taste, palate, with different gradations. These numerous peculiarities, also given by territorial and production differences, have not prevented us from finding a common denominator in the organization of promotion and sales, thanks to the establishment of a single consortium". The Emilia-Romagna wine sector is a mature and well-organized sector, the commissioner underlines, “capable of developing very interesting projects within the supply chain and through individual companies”.

"This further step demonstrates not only the ability to stay on the market, but the clear awareness that the path of global competitiveness has been traced and we must present ourselves strong and united". Mammi closes by stating that the regional institutions will guarantee their support, in the awareness of their efforts and the will that has been made to find a common space for work. "Finally, a sincere thanks to Claudio Biondi and to Davide Frascari, president and vice president of the newborn consortium, who have shown a serious and attentive listening capacity towards producers to face the challenges of the market with determination and foresight".

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