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V-Finance partner of Borsa Italiana's "Sustainable Finance" program

The company will assist SMEs in path of sustainability

V-Finance, the company of the Ir Top Consulting Group, specialized in innovative and sustainable finance, adheres to the “Sustainable Finance Partnership” of the Italian Stock Exchange. V-Finance as a partner of the program wishes to enhance and share its expertise and experience on issues related to sustainability. The company proposes itself as the institutional point of reference between sustainable SMEs and Capital Markets.

Within V-Finance there are qualified skills acquired over two decades on the topics of finance, governance and stock markets. The company has developed an important track record in the field of extraordinary finance for Italian SMEs. Italian Stock Exchange declares: “We warmly welcome V-Finance within the new 'Sustainable Finance Partnership' network of Italian Stock Exchange. We have been at the forefront of actively promoting sustainable finance for several years. Numerous initiatives have been implemented which aim to facilitate dialogue within the financial community. The 'Sustainable Finance Partnership', in particular, has the ambitious goal of nurturing and facilitating exchange with the country's main players to develop innovative solutions on sustainable finance issues for the Italian market”.

Anna Lambiase, CEO, V-Finance, said: “We are very pleased to join this initiative promoted by Italian Stock Exchange which aims to support sustainable finance. In our role of supporting SMEs we will have the opportunity to demonstrate how the issue of sustainability has now become an essential objective for Italian companies in the development path and in the relationship with investors, increasingly consolidating the role of finance in the sustainable transition process for the implementation of the ESG and innovative sustainable finance principles".

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