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Nestlé: 96% of packaging produced in Italy is just recyclable

Published the "Sustainable Packaging Commitment: road to 2025" report

96% of the packaging used by Nestlé for products made in Italy is already recyclable. This is one of the main points that emerged from the "Nestlé Sustainable Packaging Commitment: road to 2025" report, published today by the Group to take stock of projects and strategies developed to support the sustainability of packaging, with particular focus on Italy. But Nestlè initiatives extend further national borders: in September 2019, the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland, the first of its kind in the food industry, was inaugurated. The center develops research projects on the sustainability of packaging and on the experimentation of new bio-based, compostable and biodegradable materials. In addition, the company is also working to reduce, reuse and recycle existing packaging: Nestlé has achieved 100% recyclability in Italy for corrugated cardboard and glass, 98% for paper, 87% for aluminum, 90% for rigid plastics and 80% for flexible plastics.

Last year Nestlé announced the allocation of over Chf 1.5 billion to invest in the use of recycled plastic for food use between now and 2025, with the aim of reducing the use of virgin plastic by 1/3. In the same communication, the company also launched a venture capital fund of 250 million Chf to invest in startups that focus on sustainable food packaging: in September 2020 the company announced the first investment of 30 million dollars in the Closed Loop Leadership Fund to guide the transition from using virgin plastic to recycled food-grade plastic. 

All Nestlé locations around the world have pledged not to use non-recyclable single-use plastic items. The Group is also focusing on reducing the weight of packaging, safeguarding the food safety of products and focusing on lighter materials. Marta Schiraldi, sustainability lead Italy & Malta Nestlé Group in Italy, commented: "The protection of the environment and the commitment to the development of sustainable packaging are two crucial elements on which we have founded our business model, as evidenced by our ambitious goal of reaching 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025".

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