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Sedamyl (ingredients) expands to UK

It invests £ 80m to double the production of Selby plant

Piedmont-based Sedamyl, a leader in the production of starches, sweeteners, proteins, alcohols, and ingredients for all major food and industrial applications, has announced a major £ 80 million expansion plan for its Yorkshire facility, which will see the doubling of production, the creation of new jobs and the addition of new product lines, all in line with its sustainability objectives. Ten years after the start of operations for the production of drinking alcohol at the industrial site of Selby, in the United Kingdom, this investment plan foresees an increase of the alcohol production capacity, as well as the introduction of new production lines of syrups of glucose.

The expansion of the distillery is currently underway and will be completed by autumn 2021, while the first deliveries of syrups are expected in the second half of 2022. Sedamyl currently produces starches, alcohol and gluten, mainly serving the English market of the sugar industry beverages, food and animal nutrition, as well as the paper and corrugated cardboard industry. By adding syrups to its portfolio, the company will expand its offering to the food industry and thus position itself as one of the UK's leading starch and syrup producers. It will also create 75 new jobs, increasing its workforce to around 150.

Sedamyl mainly uses wheat grown in the UK, supporting a network of over 1,000 local farmers and will further stimulate the region's local economy with the expansion of the plant. Elena Frandino, managing director of Sedamyl UK and a member of the family that has been running the business for over 60 years, said: “These are difficult and challenging times for everyone due to the pandemic, and therefore we are particularly happy to be able to announce a development plan which confirms our commitment to growth not only towards Selby and the United Kingdom, but also towards our entire staff, a fundamental pillar of good company performance. This is a significant investment that will allow us to strengthen our position on both the British and European national markets”.

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