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Labels: Spanish GIs also marry Italian lawsuit against Nutriscore

The main association goes against the Madrid government and aligns with our demands

While the Madrid government has taken a stance in favor of Nutriscore, another important step has been taken today towards strengthening the protection of Italian and European PDO and PGI products. The Origen España association, which represents almost 200,000 producers of Spanish GI agri-food excellence, joins the chorus of voices raised by Italy, Cyprus, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania, against the French front-pack labeling system "a semaphore”, which risks seriously damaging quality agri-food products and providing incomplete and partial information to consumers.

So far Spain has expressed support for the creation of a harmonized nutrition labeling system at the front of the pack to avoid unevenness within the single market. But on the alternative proposal put forward by Italy (the "Nutrinform Battery"), a spokeswoman for Origen España stated that the group, although not yet having a complete idea, believes that the "battery" label constitutes "a very more in line with reality".

This position, which is in line with the requests made in Europe by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies, has been made possible thanks to the activity coordinated by the international organization Origin and Origin Eu, and to the relentless effort made by Origin Italia in creating convergence towards the formation of a compact position against the Nutri-Score. Origin once again confirms itself as a virtuous example of associations which, thanks to its own “network”, has positioned a further step to guarantee the effective protection of producers of PDO / PGI products and consumers.

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