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EcoTensil launches the new AquaDot cardboard cutlery range

Project for EU ban on the use of single-use plastic items

Among the first European groups to choose the new solution is Hilcona Ag, a food processing company based in Liechtenstein

In advance of European legislation banning single-use plastic items such as cutlery, plates and straws by July 2021, Californian EcoTensil launches AquaDot, a new range of plastic-free and super-resistant folding cardboard cutlery. Cardboard cutlery is already very popular in America. Since 2010, the company has sold hundreds of millions around the world, also targeting some of the largest European manufacturers and retailers. Now, EcoTensil is preparing to conquer Europe and Italy with plastic-free cutlery and their specific design for take-away packages. "The advantages are many: the ease of adaptability to the packaging, without altering the existing processes, the compliance with the legislation and the characteristic of not altering the taste of the food as the wooden solutions do", says a press release.

"EcoTensil products have always been a benchmark among the most sustainable items on the market and we are now happy to take this further step with the new, even more durable AquaDot range. The new line is a valid, simple, versatile and affordable alternative to plastic items found on almost all food packages", says Peggy Cross, founder and CEO of the company. "Europe's commitment to reducing single-use plastics is a great example to the world; we are delighted to be able to help companies achieve this with our foldable paper items".

Among the first European groups to choose the new solution is Hilcona Ag, a food processing company based in Liechtenstein whose foodservice division packages the To-Go range of take-away salads, dairy products and desserts for the food distributor European Coop. Hilcona replaced the plastic spoons and forks in the bottom compartment of the To-Go packages with the pre-folded TabLock spoon, saving 3.5 tons of plastic waste per year. The cardboard used to make the EcoTensil AquaDot and GreenDot product lines is similar to the material used to make the coffee cups, but without plastic. With a simple “Bend to touch dots” fold, the object is transformed into a sturdy palette. “We have spent the last decade studying how to recreate a silky feel in the mouth, making the edges smooth, the structure resistant and giving an overall pleasantness to all of our items”, comments Cross.

The AquaDot range of multifunctional cutlery is plastic-free, recyclable and compostable and is made from sustainable and certified material sourced from forests. EcoTensil cutlery uses up to 80% less material than most other disposable cutlery made of plastic, bio-plastic or wood. Unlike wooden cutlery, EcoTensil items are folded, and can therefore be replaced directly with plastic items, also saving on equipment renewal costs.

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