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Pictet-Clean Energy winner of the "Esg Champions" award

The company recognized as the "best environmental fund"

Prize conceived by Mainstreet Partners to select the champions of sustainability among 350 strategies.

The PictetClean Energy fund, with a rating of 4.8 / 5, was awarded the “Esg Champions” award. In this first edition, the award conceived by Mainstreet Partners has selected the champions of sustainability among 350 strategies managed by over 60 asset managers globally. The Pictet-Clean Energy fund, launched in 2007 and redesigned at the end of 2018, invests in the energy transition towards sustainable sources, including in its investment universe not only renewable energy, but also important issues such as electric vehicles, green buildings and enabling technologies that facilitate and speed up this transition process. These are secular trends that have undergone a rapid acceleration in recent months, thanks also to a regulatory and political context that is increasingly attentive to environmental protection.

Xavier Chollet, manager of the Pictet-Clean Energy fund, commented: “The issues related to environmental sustainability are now finally considered important drivers of financial performance, also in light of this difficult phase of global emergency. For 2021 and for the future, we are looking forward to attractive growth prospects, given the increased awareness of climate change and the need to accelerate the energy transition. Rapid technological innovation will allow greater electrification of transport, buildings and factories, while wind and solar will be the main sources of electricity”. Paolo Paschetta, Pictet Asset Management's Country Head for Italy, concluded: “This recognition is a new confirmation of our commitment to sustainability. At Pictet, we have been investing in environmental protection since 2000, when we launched the world's first fund dedicated to water, Pictet-Water, and have never stopped since. Responsible investments are, in fact, part of our corporate DNA with one major goal: to work together, for a better future".

The “Esg Champions” award uses a proprietary methodology to identify 11 categories of winners through a process structured on 3 pillars, which considers the asset manager as a whole, the strategy of the fund and the individual holdings. The ESG rating ranges from a score of 1 (low) to 5 (high). The final rating is not simply based on the average of the 3 pillars but each of the 80 indicators has a specific weight and in addition the model evaluates the elements of "bonus / malus" according to the category to which the fund belongs.

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