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Sperlari, Saila and Galatine enter the register of historical brands

National recognition of excellence on the company's 185th birthday

Important recognition for Sperlari, which enters the register of historical brands of national interest set up by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in 2019 to protect the industrial property of production companies producer of excellence and historically linked to the national territory and to enhance the made in Italy in the world. The Galatine brand (a well-known milk candy invented in Italy in 1956 and today produced with 100% Italian milk in the Sperlari factory in Cremona) and the Saila brand (company founded in 1937 with the acronym “Società Anonima Industriale Liquirizia Abruzzese”, "Anonymous Industrial Licorice Society of Abruzzo", which today produces with 100% Italian licorice and mint in the Silvi Marina factory in Abruzzo) enter the register together, along with the Sperlari brand and logo. 

The recognition of Sperlari's national historical excellence takes place on the occasion of the 185th birthday of the company, founded in 1836 in a historic shop in Cremona by the entrepreneur Enea Sperlari. "All our brands are part of the history of our country, they have accompanied generations of Italians throughout their lives and have always been produced in our four factories in Italy with extensive use of Italian raw materials (fruit from Sperlari, milk from Galatine, Saila's mint and licorice): becoming part of the register of historical brands of national interest is therefore a great source of pride for us", declared Piergiorgio Burei, CEO of Sperlari.

"The registration in the register on the occasion of our 185th birthday represents a further recognition of our work to enhance the Italian tradition combined with the ability to know how to innovate, strengthening Sperlari's role as ambassador of made in Italy food in the world", continues the CEO. Sperlari production, which has always been located in Italy, now owned by the German group Katjes International, takes place in the four factories in Cremona, Gordona (Sondrio), San Pietro in Casale (Bologna) and Silvi Marina (Teramo), with raw materials which represent a selection of the excellence of the Italian territory.

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