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Campari opens the shareholding structure to employees

Rota (Fai Cisl): "A good step forward"

The Campari group has chosen to offer all employees a share package and the possibility of allocating part of their salary to the purchase of ordinary shares. This was announced by Fai Cisl trade union, which had fought on the occasion of the last supplementary agreement to also obtain a chapter on widespread shareholding. "A good step forward - comments Onofrio Rota, General Secretary of Fai Cisl - which creates an important piece of innovative and far-sighted corporate welfare, with a view to an ever greater participation of workers, including economic-financial ones, in the life of companies".

The Group's Board of Directors approved a specific information document, to be submitted to the Shareholders' Meeting, which introduces a shareholding plan aimed at rewarding employees globally. The plan provides that employees are offered the possibility of allocating certain amounts that will be deducted from their salary on a monthly basis, through a contribution of 1%, 3% or 5% of the annual gross salary, for the purchase of ordinary shares. Also as part of the plan, a bonus is introduced which provides for the free right for the employees of the group to receive a number of shares, subject to the maintenance of the employment relationship with Campari Group for a three-year vesting period.

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