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Italian Minister Patuanelli meets Qu Dongyu, MD of FAO

Not just hunger in the world, but also the agricultural sector crisis for Covid, and more, at the center of the talks

The Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies, Stefano Patuanelli, had a fruitful virtual meeting with the Director General of FAO, Qu Dongyu, during which the main issues of common interest were reviewed, including fight against hunger in the world, especially at the child level, the development of sustainable and profitable agriculture that takes increasingly into account the risks of climate change, and the need to increase green areas. The FAO director underlined the difficult state of the agricultural sector due to the pandemic, and appealed to Italy to continue the historic support for his organization, an appeal which was immediately accepted by Minister Patuanelli. The important role that Italy can play as presidency of the G20 was also mentioned, reiterating that the Italian government has a strong will to propose and support concrete initiatives and results.

Patuanelli subsequently underlined how it is necessary to increase productivity and profitability in an eco-sustainable key in agriculture and, as regards Italy, he informed the dg of the FAO of the Italian initiative "Agriculture 4.0" which already today makes available a series of tools in this sense.

In a broader programmatic context, the owner of the Mipaaf proposed a program divided into three sections: a reflection on sustainability, declined in its economic, social and environmental dimensions. Economic sustainability recalls the problems of supply chains, the incomes of farmers and other relevant players, the transparency of markets, international trade, the economic impact of globalization, the impact of the digital revolution on the agro-food supply chains.
Environmental sustainability is linked to climate change. It will therefore be necessary to address the problems of the greenhouse effect, the development of the circular economy, precision agriculture and artificial intelligence, the traceability of food products, energy transformation in agriculture, the protection of rural areas, conservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

Social sustainability will serve to question how to eliminate poverty in rural areas and the inequality of development.

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