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The importance of women in the Greek aquaculture sector

On March 8, Hapo opens the doors of the factories of the associated companies to address the issue

On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day or, more commonly, "Women's Day", which occurs on March 8 every year, Hapo (Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization) opens the doors of the establishments of the associated companies to address a theme as important and current as female employment in one of the most dynamic and growing sectors of the Greek economy. "The low presence of professional women in the seafood sector in Greece is mainly due to a lack of knowledge and insight into career opportunities in this ever-growing and evolving sector", says a press release. In light of this information gap, Hapo is committed to promoting female employment in the Greek aquaculture sector, also through initiatives aimed at making the career opportunities that the sector is able to offer better known.

It is in this regard that Hapo, the depositary body of the Fish from Greece brand and today representing 80% of the Greek aquaculture industry, considers it important to communicate that aquaculture consists of many sectors of activity (in addition to marine farming ) and that the areas of female employment within this department can be multiple, also thanks to the modernization of business units and new technologies. Just think of the field of research, which is important for studying the ecological consequences of farms and the impact they have on the environment; to the chemical and bacteriological analysis for the determination of the components of fish meat; to entrepreneurs, engineering, biology, medicine or those related to the environmental, commercial, technical or, again, to more "business-minded" roles, such as marketing and communication.

"In the management of a company, the success and quality of the products are given by the high competence of those who work there and the gender diversity can only be an added value, as the different perspectives, the different methods of approach and teamwork leads to better results", says a press release. This is the mission of the organization: "to affirm the uniqueness of the Hellenic identity, offering consumers every day the excellent quality, freshness, taste and nutritional properties of fresh Greek fish, carefully bred by expert professionals, respecting the environment and European regulations, in the uncontaminated sea of Greece".

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