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Kellogg more sustainable thanks to Enel

Renewable sources for 50% of the energy used by the plants in North America

More and more sustainability the cereals produced by Kellogg, the multinational producer of the famous corn flakes the US company has closed an important agreement with Enel Green Power North America, Enel's subsidiary dedicated to renewables in the United States, to purchase 360 GWh of electricity fed into the grid each year by the Azure Sky wind project, equal to 50% of the volume of energy used by the Kellogg Company production plants in North America. Azure Sky is Enel's first large-scale project to combine wind power and battery storage, and is the largest hybrid plant of the Italian group globally.

“Azure Sky - explains Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power and Head of Enel's Global Power Generation business line - is our first large-scale project that combines wind power and storage and is our largest hybrid plant globally. This project demonstrates Enel's ongoing commitment to leading the energy transition to a 100% renewable electricity grid. A transition supported and accelerated by commercial clients, such as Kellogg Company, who have put sustainability at the heart of their business”.

“Kellogg has been working for over a decade to reduce the carbon footprint of its entire value chain”, said Amy Senter , Kellogg Company's Sustainability Manager. "This latest VPPA is yet another demonstration for investors, stakeholders and our consumers of our rapid action against climate change".

The new plant is under construction in Throckmorton County, Texas, will be operational in the first half of 2022 and will be able to produce 350 MW of wind power, to which it will add 137 MW of storage. Part of this clean energy produced will therefore be destined for the colossus of cereals, snacks and biscuits, which will thus cover half of its energy needs. To give a benchmark, the 360 GWh annually sold to Kellogg is equivalent to the electricity needed to power more than 43,000 homes annually in North America, and it is estimated that it will help avoid CO2 emissions of over 250,000 tons each year, which in turn are equivalent the amount of carbon absorbed annually by 330,000 acres of US forests, an area larger than that of Rocky Mountain National Park.

In general, it is expected that the 79 wind turbines of the Azure Sky project will generate more than 1,300 GWh each year, which will be fed into the grid and will charge the battery within the same plant. Enel estimates that the electricity generated annually by the Azure Sky project is equivalent to avoiding more than 842 thousand tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere every year. The battery storage system will be able to store the energy generated by the wind turbines, while providing services aimed at increasing the flexibility of the network. When it reaches approximately 137 MW, the system will be one of the largest battery storage facilities in the world.

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