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Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Ortofruit supply chains

Producers will be able to count on the advance of the value of the harvest

Agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and Ortofruit Italia to advance the liquidation value of the fruit and vegetable harvest to the associated farms. The initiative is part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Supply Chain Project. The program allows companies in the supply chain to benefit from the credit and banking advantages recognized to the leader. In the year of the pandemic, support for the supply chain proved to be strategic for the stability of the production system, prompting Intesa Sanpaolo to channel an additional 10 billion euros to the project.

The producer organization, based in Saluzzo (Cn), represents a cooperative and sustainable, which has over 400 associated fruit and vegetable companies throughout Italy. These are small realities that have an average of 15 cultivable hectares, dedicated to the production of small fruits, vegetables and more fruit. Thanks to this dense cooperative network, the OP directly markets 35 highly localized references, responding to a growing demand thanks also to new eating styles that are more attentive to the health and sustainability of crops.

“There is no innovation without a supply chain - explains Domenico Paschetta , President of Ortofruit Italia -. The psycho-economic crisis dictated by the pandemic has made even more evident the limits of the 'entrepreneurial loneliness' which, as a cooperative Group, we have tried to overcome by offering our Members much more than a recovery measure, but a real financial program aimed at point with Intesa Sanpaolo to anticipate the value of product liquidations by up to three months, thus guaranteeing access to credit for all associated micro-enterprises thanks to the intermediary role of our OP”.

For Teresio Testa, Regional Director of Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Liguria of Intesa Sanpaolo: "With this agreement, a new sector, that of fruit and vegetables, a niche, but very dynamic and promising, demonstrating the fact that it is necessary to know the specificities of the territory well and enhance them as they deserve. The challenge now is to facilitate its growth with a view to the circular economy, to add further value".

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