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Irritec (irrigation), opens its branch in Senegal

Collaboration with Scova Impianti, with the aim of expanding in West Africa

The Irritec Group, one of the leading companies in the precision irrigation sector, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Senegal, with the aim of developing and consolidating its presence in West Africa. Irritec Senegal was born from the strategic collaboration with Scova Impianti, a Modenese company, specialized for 50 years in the design, supply and installation of pumping stations for the extraction of water from artesian wells, rivers or reservoirs and has been active in Senegal since 2016. The Irritec Group, with 14 international branches and a global network of over 15,000 experts, "since 1974 has placed highly technological solutions at the center of its action, designed to optimize environmental resources and production processes, guaranteeing excellent quality standards", says a press release.

“I would like to thank our partners and all the people involved in the project for this important milestone. Through the new headquarters of Irritec Senegal we will offer an even more integrated service to support local agriculture and strengthen our presence in the irrigation market in Africa”, says Carmelo Giuffrè, founder and CEO of the Group. "Thanks to the synergy between our companies and the common dedication to promoting sustainability and innovation in agriculture, we want to improve the quality in the irrigation sector and develop new business opportunities, with the aim of helping agricultural companies to thrive", explains Marco Vanzini , CEO of Scova Impianti.

Through the new headquarters in Senegal, the Group will supply complete precision irrigation systems, guaranteeing assistance during the installation and after-sales phases. Agriculture is one of the main engines of the economy of the African continent, as demonstrated by the Emerging Senegal (Esp) plan of the Government of Senegal in support of the country's economic and social development. The ESP aims to increase the growth rate to 7% for ten years (2014-2023), targeting certain strategic sectors, including agriculture and agribusiness, residential construction, mining and tourism. With Irritec Academy, the company's training center, local agronomists will have the opportunity to participate in on-site courses and training to acquire further knowledge in the field of precision irrigation. Within the academy, the company has devised the Agri-Lab format which provides for the implementation of pilot projects for efficient irrigation, aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

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