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Pedon closes 2020 with a positive sign

Strengthening the presence in its reference market of legumes, cereals and oil seeds

Positive trend for the Venetian company Pedon, specialized in the production of legumes, cereals and seeds, and today oriented towards products with a high service content, such as snacks and quick solutions, which closed 2020 with an increase of + 11.2% and a turnover of 98 million euros. In particular, the retail business unit, developed in two divisions (one for the company's brand solutions, the second, with Pedon Solutions, for the private label) recorded an increase of 19% of which + 13.2% in the legumes category, traditionally cooked cereals and seeds and + 20.5% on ready-made and quick-cooked products.

In particular, exports are distributed in about 30 countries around the world, among them North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) occupies the first place in terms of importance with 40% of foreign turnover and a growth of 85% compared to the previous one year. The latter represents a strategic market, presided over by the company with a commercial office in Miami. “We will consolidate our presence in the legumes, traditional cereals and oilseeds segment", declares the Ad Loris Pedon. "We want to expand our product portfolio, offering legumes, cereals and seeds for all consumption occasions. Our transformation goes hand in hand with the change in demand which, in addition to aiming at the quality of the raw material and new tastes, is moving towards a well-defined plus, which has to do with practicality, versatility, fast consumption. but healthy".

To support growth, an ambitious industrial plan was prepared which saw a renewal of the technological assets supported in the last 5 years by an investment of 35 million euros. Among the positioning assets of the company is environmental and social sustainability. One of the most significant projects concerns the packaging of the Pedon strategic lines. Created with a paper obtained from the waste from the processing of legumes, with a view to circular economy, and used for the cases of the C'e di Buono line, Lenticchia Pedina and the More than range, made for abroad. as well as for all the company's pop materials.

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