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Italian Government proposes to nominate espresso coffee to Unesco

The requests of the coffee world have been accepted

Italian Ministry of Agricolture presents the candidacies for intangible cultural heritage of humanity of the traditional Italian espresso coffee ritual, which is also a real art, and in the alternative that of the Neapolitan coffee culture, a reality between ritual and sociality. In fact, the preliminary investigation of the proposals for applications was concluded yesterday, which led the Rite of traditional Italian espresso coffee and the Culture of Neapolitan espresso coffee to be already included in the Inventory of Italian agri-food products (Inpai).

The Unesco Working Group of Mipaaf (which had already expressed a favorable opinion on the registration, Ed) Therefore decided unanimously to propose the candidacies and to send the documentation to the National Commission of UNESCO which will have to decide the start of the procedure for the inclusion in the intangible heritage of humanity of an element that has important cultural, social, historical and traditional implications. The priority for the traditional Italian espresso ritual element, with the same constitutive elements of the dossier, was determined by the presentation of the related proposal at the beginning of 2019 while that of the Neapolitan espresso culture was presented in the middle of last year. After the deadline for the submission of candidatures, scheduled for March 31, Unesco will be asked to decide on the candidacy proposal.

The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies thus accepted the appeals also addressed to the current Minister Patuanelli to fully support the candidacy of the Italian Espresso Coffee Rite. Appeals shared by the whole world of coffee, i.e. Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee, of the Italian Coffee Committee of Unione Italiana Food, of IEI - Istituto Espresso Italiano, of Fipe-Confcommercio, the Italian Federation of Public Shops, of the Group Italian Coffee Roasters, the Trieste Coffee Association and the Tre Venezie Roaster Consortium (see EFA News 1 and 2).

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