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Mare Aperto: new systems for water recovery

The announcement on the occasion of the World Water Day

For Mare Aperto, a company attentive to sustainability in the sector of fish preserves, water management is one of the key aspects of its industrial process, as an integral part of its commitment to the environment, one of the objectives of the social responsibility program of We Sea company (in particular the We Care & Sea action line). The company is committed to constantly improving its production processes with the aim of reducing or reusing waste water. To this end, it has created closed refrigeration systems and other methods to give the water different possibilities of use, before the final treatment.

"This management method allows us to save about 2,100mq of water per day, which is equivalent to the daily water consumption of a population of 15,900 people" says Ángeles Claro, manager of the We Sea program. sea, retained for industrial purposes, allows a saving of 200m3 per day from the production process. "The action plan to reduce water consumption was launched 15 years ago by Jealsa, the Spanish parent company of Mare Aperto, and in particular includes the following aspects: the improvement of the sterilization system of the industrial plants owned, through the construction of a closed circuit system for water reuse; the condensation of steam from autoclaves for use in cleaning establishments; the exploitation of the tuna cooking water, rich in nutrients, to develop new products that are the basis of the circular economy of the Open Sea and that differentiate the company from the competition.

We Sea brings together all the actions carried out, in terms of sustainability, by the ecosystem of companies created from the beginning around the parent company and perfectly defines the active commitment that involves all levels of the organization. "The program brings together all the know-how and investments made by Jealsa, since its very establishment in 1958, to guarantee solid and determined action in favor of 360-degree sustainability", says a press release. We Sea is divided into five different lines of action: responsible fishing and purchasing, quality policies, commitment to renewable energy and the environment, social commitment and investments in R&D for the development of a circular economy.

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