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USA: the first "national agriculture day"

Recognition of the strategic value of food production during the pandemic

Yesterday, March 23 has become the National Agriculture Day of the United States, an act that recognizes the strategic role of the sector in the midst of the Covid emergency. It is the decision of US President Joe Biden who was the first among the leaders of the great Western national teams to dedicate a day to the work of those who produce food by cultivating the land and raising animals, guaranteeing food supplies to families. "President Biden recognizes the fundamental role of agriculture for the protection of the landscape, the economic development of the nation, the safety and health of people through the production of food that has never failed even in these months of pandemic thanks to the efforts of the agri-food sector", comments Coldiretti.

A role that in Italy is covered with responsibility and dedication by almost 740 thousand agricultural companies which together with 70 thousand food industries, over 330 thousand catering companies and 230 thousand retail outlets generate 538 billion in value for the country along the supply chain and guarantee 3,6 million jobs. A supply chain that has recorded continuous growth in exports reaching the record figure of 46.1 billion euros in 2020, according to Coldiretti analysis on Istat data which highlights how almost two thirds of agri-food exports are directed to the countries of the Union European, where the main partner is Germany, while outside the EU borders, the United States is the reference market for Italian food.

Italy has 313 Dop / Igp / Stg specialties, including great cheeses, cured meats and hams, recognized at community level and 415 Doc / Docg wines, 5155 traditional regional products surveyed along the peninsula, leadership in the organic sector with over 60 thousand organic farms and the primacy of world food security with the lowest number of agri-food products with irregular chemical residues. And Italy is also a leader in biodiversity. On the national territory there are 504 varieties registered in the vine register against the 278 of the French cousins and 533 varieties of olives against the 70 Spanish ones. The Belpaese is the first EU producer of rice, durum wheat and wine and many vegetables and vegetables typical of the Mediterranean diet such as tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, fresh chicory, endives, celery and fennel. And also as regards fruit, it excels in many important productions: from fresh apples and pears, from cherries to table grapes, from kiwis to hazelnuts to chestnuts.

"The global emergency caused by Covid has brought out a widespread awareness of the strategic value represented by food and the necessary guarantees of quality and safety", affirms the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini, underlining that "to seize the historic opportunity of the Recovery Plan we have prepared and proposed in time concrete projects that can be immediately set up for the agri-food sector with a decisive turn towards the green revolution, the ecological transition and the digital one capable of offering one million green jobs within the next 10 years".

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