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Invernizzi and Banco Alimentare with "Together there is more goodness"

Objective: to donate 700,000 meals to those in difficulty

Invernizzi, since 1908, the historic Italian brand born thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Invernizzi and since 2003 part of Lactalis Italia, now supports the Food Bank with the solidarity initiative "Together there is more goodness". The goal is to donate over 700,000 meals to the charitable structures that assist many families and people in difficulty by December 2021, starting from the 150,000 already donated by the company at the launch of the initiative. The consumer will be asked to contribute by purchasing the Invernizzi products involved, Mozarì and Invernizzina. The project will be conveyed to consumers through various channels: with a stamp on the packaging of the products and an invitation to purchase them to achieve the common goal of the meals to be distributed; posters and price tags in the points of sale that increase the visibility of the operation; on the website with a counter that highlights the number of meals donated and those missing to achieve the common goal. On all packs of the products involved there will also be a QR code which refers to the web page of the operation.

“We strongly believe in this collaboration because it is only together that the greatest results can be achieved, especially in a complicated historical moment like the one we have been experiencing for a year now”, declared Mauro Frantellizzi, marketing director of the brand. “We have decided to support the Food Bank because we share the values of sharing and attention to need, which we want to substantiate by concretely supporting the partner charitable structures of the Food Bank. From today we want the trust shown by our consumers every day for over a hundred years to give a small but important support to those who are less fortunate”, concluded Frantellizzi.

"This important initiative confirms the great sensitivity of companies such as Invernizzi", says Giovanni Bruno, president of the Banco Alimentare Onlus foundation. "Their contribution will allow us to bring help to many families who, in this particularly complicated period, are in a situation of difficulties and turn to charitable structures in the area. The collaboration between profit, non-profit and consumers is essential to increase support for those in need". "Together there is more goodness" is the latest solidarity initiative put in place by Lactalis Italia brands. In fact, Lactalis Italia has been collaborating with Banco Alimentare for over 18 years, and in the last two years alone over 160 thousand kilograms of product have been donated. For 3 years the Group has actively participated in the national food collection day as a logistics partner making vans and volunteers available.

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