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EU dairy association changes president

The EDA office goes to the Italian Giuseppe Ambrosi

From the presidency of Assolatte, a role he held for over 20 years, Giuseppe Ambrosi, president of the Ambrosi Group, arrives today at the top of the European Dairy Association (Eda), the organization of the European milk processing industry based in Brussels. A meeting place for the development of ideas and projects that guide industry in relations with European institutions and international organizations on fundamental issues such as growth, competitiveness and sustainability, Eda brings together the associations of entrepreneurs from European countries - Absolute for Italy.

"The dairy sector is the backbone of rural Europe, and the numbers speak for themselves: 170 billion euros in turnover, 12,000 milk and dairy products processing sites, over 300,000 specialized employees (of which 45,000 are involved in export), 700 thousand stalls from which we collect the milk”, was the comment of Ambrosi from the new Eda president. The European industry processes 162 million tons of milk a year, transforming it into 29.5 million tons of drinking milk; 9.3 of cheeses; 8.1 of fermented products; 2.2 of butter. Furthermore, the European milk processing industry contributes more than 10 billion euros to the overall EU trade balance.

“The success of our industry is based on a common program - continues Ambrosi -, a strong and well-functioning single market, an energetic trade policy, our common agricultural policy and an ambitious agenda for sustainable development”.

The European Commission is pursuing its five-year work program at full speed, Assolatte underlines, and Giuseppe Ambrosi's attention will be strongly based on promoting and strengthening the image and reputation of milk & dairy. "Good, nutritious and healthy: this is milk ... - underlined the new president during the presentation of his program -. On this solid basis we will be able to face future challenges by acting as ambassadors of the dairy sector. European, a symbol of Europe's rich cultural and culinary heritage”.

With this appointment, Assolatte's role and relevance in the community is further increased. The Italian association has in fact always believed in the European project, investing its energies, first of all the associations, also in Brussels with its own operational structure active since 1990.

“It is a new extraordinary result for Italy and for Assolatte, a result that makes the whole national dairy industry proud - comments Paolo Zanetti, current president of Assolatte -. After the recent appointment of Piercristiano Brazzale at the top of the International Milk Federation, now all our congratulations and best wishes go to Giuseppe Ambrosi for the prestigious appointment. With his great experience he will be able to successfully guide the European dairy industry through future challenges and opportunities”.

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