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Venice uncorks Merlot for its 1600th anniversary

The consortium wines Venezia creates a celebratory bottle for the occasion

If there is a wine that is intimately and deeply connected to the Venetian culture, its people and the city of Venice, it is certainly the Venezia DOP Merlot. A sincere, authentic wine, capable of meeting the favors of Venetian nobles who loved to taste it during their banquets from its origins, as well as being the inevitable table companion of peasant families. Venezia DOP Merlot, which the Venetians like to pronounce strongly accentuating the final T of its name, is in fact in the collective imagination the classic "goto de vin", the glass of wine capable of creating on every occasion that magical conviviality that only certain wines they know how to generate in those who drink them.

For this reason the Consorzio Vini Venezia has chosen to pay homage to the Venezia PDO Merlot by naming it a symbolic wine to celebrate the 1,600th anniversary of the founding of the city of Venice (25 March 421), creating a celebratory bottle for the occasion.

"We are proud - explains Stefano Quaggio, director of the Consorzio Vini Venezia - to have been involved, together with the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC, in this fascinating project created to celebrate this important anniversary that celebrates the bond that this city has always had with the art, culture and food and wine. For 'Venezia 1600' we have therefore created dedicated bottles of Merlot whose evocative label enhances and expresses the deep bond that our wines have always had with the city of Venice”. March 25, 421 is in fact commonly recognized as the foundation day of the most famous lagoon city in the world, whose bond with the places of wine is intimate and indissoluble. Precisely to remember this union and celebrate the "wines of Venice", the Consortium has renewed and made available directly from smartphones some itineraries that will lead the visitor to discover streets, fields, vineyards that are hidden in ancient broli or lagoon islands. There are three enotourist itineraries that have wine as their common thread.

The first tour, "Wine Tour Venice - The streets of wine and other precious goods", represents the heart of the project and in fact retraces the streets of Venetian merchants, in an itinerary that revives the routes of trade and precious goods of the era, picking wines and cicchetti here and there (link).

The second, "Wine Tour Venice - Eastern cultures and routes", was created to discover the importance of trade with the Middle East and the influence of their cultures in the Venetian city, which are found today in particular in the products entered in the our culinary culture (link). "Wine Tour Venice - De arti, de Vin and other wonders" is designed for art lovers, a journey in the "artistic" district par excellence, among the "wonders" of the past and modernity, finding refreshment in historic wine bars and taverns (link).

Not only historical anecdotes, recipes, events and wines, but above all an invitation to discover the two experimental vineyards managed by the Consorzio Vini Venezia that come to life right inside the lagoon city: the first in the orchard of the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites and the second in the island of Torcello. Venice, the wine and oenological culture of a territory to be discovered: a marriage that has lasted for 1600 years and of which the Venezia DOP Merlot becomes a symbol and icon. The wine of all the Venetians, still able to accompany moments of conviviality and perfect for celebrating this important anniversary.

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