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Camst aims for 1 billion euros in revenue by 2025

Five-year plan for all sectors: school nutrition, corporate catering and facility services

Camst group, one of the major Italian operators in the catering and facility services sector, looks to the next few years and launches its five-year strategic plan "The future we choose" with ambitious goals for all sectors in which it operates until 2025. In one uncertain scenario determined by the effects of the pandemic, the primary objective is to exceed the pre-covid turnover levels by 2023, reaching the figure of € 863 million with Ebitda at 6.15%. After this first phase of relaunch, the company will aim for constant growth in the following years, during which it will work to exceed one billion in turnover in 2025.

The main strategic objectives include the development of the socio-health segment in catering and facility management, the consolidation of leadership in school catering and the innovation of the proposal for corporate catering. "The goal of the plan is to grow in all sectors in which we are present, reviewing our business in the light of the changes that the pandemic has brought and will bring in Italy and in the world", explains Danilo Villa , general manager of Camst. "Our intent is to consider the issues of health, sustainability and responsibility as compasses in our path, working to ensure that competition in the sector moves from the price level to that of value. Competition between companies, particularly in fundamental sectors such as schools or social welfare, cannot take place to the detriment of service levels and the quality of the offer ".

In the school catering sector there will be a further strengthening of the company's presence. The goal for 2022 is revenue growth of 2.2%, with + 2.6% in 2023. The pillars of the company's growth in this segment are the dedicated nutrition service, the development of apps and digital tools. for communication with users and valuable partnerships with research institutions, universities and higher education schools. The company is aiming for + 7.3% of revenues in 2022 and a further + 2.4% in 2023. To this end, the healthcare project was launched, with which the company intends to reposition itself within the shareholder sector. - sanitary, in the worlds of "caring" and "curing", also through the use of production technologies such as ATM (protective atmosphere) and vacuum, which allow a long and healthy preservation of meals.

In the panorama of work, where everything has changed with the increasingly widespread practice of smart working, corporate catering is innovating and expanding the offer. The trend is that of a tailor-made solution, designed for the individual customer: the classic canteen can be accompanied by the delivery of lunch boxes to the employee or the innovative food corners, which also include "refrigerated smart lockers", or intelligent refrigerators where employees can collect their booked meal with an app. The growth forecast in 2022 will be 9.9%, with a + 22.9% in 2023, a year which will mark the effective exit from the pandemic effect on revenues in the sector. The commercial catering segment was the most affected by the pandemic, with long periods of closure and reopening. The company has foreseen a relaunch plan through the development of new formats, in particular aimed at young and family targets, able to intercept the most recent trends and aim for + 31% of revenues in 2022 and a further +23, 5 in 2023.

In facility services, Camst's goal is to further grow in a sector that also saw positive numbers during 2020, expanding its offer also in terms of sustainability and technology (energy efficiency, smart city, etc.). The expected growth will affect in particular the soft / sanitation facility (+ 6% in 2022 and + 9% in 2023) and tech (+ 15.8% in 2022 and + 17.1% in 2023). The activities of the Ems (Enviromental Monitoring System) Compliance & Validation business area are also growing, targeting in particular the private pharmaceutical, aerospace and agri-food sectors. Finally, as part of the plan, the company also envisages development in the European countries in which it is already present: Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain. "In the period 2021-25, the development of the company's foreign companies will take the form of consolidation in the business segments in which we already operate and, in individual countries, development in new segments. The countries in which we are present will constitute a hub for entry into neighboring countries. The forecasts mark + 22.8% in 2022 and + 9.7% in 2023. To achieve these objectives, human capital represents the distinctive element for the development of the company", explains a press release.

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