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Agribusiness in Brazil: growth prospects in 2021 despite the pandemic

Brazilian agribusiness exported $ 6.47 billion in February 2021

An increase equal to 2.06% of agri-food in December 2020, GDP of the sector at the end of the year € 300 bilion on a total of € 1,100 billion. These are the numbers of agribusiness in Brazil, which despite the spread of the pandemic and the consequent impact on the Brazilian economy, ended 2020 maintaining its activities, achieving good performances and showing significant growth potential for 2021. In this context, The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) has turned 160 with a new challenge: to promote measures to ensure food supply and keep essential services operational, such as health inspection, as well as reducing the impacts of crisis on the income of rural producers, especially small and medium-sized ones.

Mapa then set up the CC-Agro-Covid19 Committee, made up of 14 members of the ministerial secretariats, the national supply company (Conab) and the Brazilian agricultural research company (Embrapa). The main objective of the CC-Agro-Covid19, still active, is to monitor and propose strategies to overcome the effects of the pandemic on agricultural production and supply. "This is a great opportunity for Italian companies that have interesting technological offers for the agribusiness chain, for example agricultural machinery, technologies for agriculture 4.0 and, in general, solutions to help improve the processing processes of earth as well as industrial processes, for example in the field of refrigeration, energy efficiency, efficiency in the use of raw materials", commented the lawyer Giacomo Guarnera, founding partner of Guarnera Advogados."Despite the complexity of the current period, sectors such as agri-food industries resist in the country and continue to be attractive to Italian companies".

Considered the world's largest producer of coffee and orange juice, the second largest producer of sugar, soybeans in grains, beef and chicken, and the third largest in corn production, Brazil has not been inferior in the times of the Coronavirus. as the graph illustrates: According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Brazilian agri-food exported 6.47 billion dollars in February 2021 (+ 2.8% compared to the same month last year). Furthermore, Brazil is the fourth largest exporter of agricultural products in the world (behind the European Union, the United States and China). The sector also generates numerous jobs, absorbing practically one in three Brazilian workers. According to the most recent National Survey (PNAD), out of a total of 94.4 million workers interviewed, 32.3% (ie 30.5 million) belonged to agribusiness.

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