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Bolton joins the UN Global Compact

It is the largest strategic corporate citizenship initiative in the world

Bolton Group, the industrial holding of the Nissim family that controls numerous brands, including Rio Mare, Simmenthal, Borotalco, Neutro Roberts, Omino Bianco, UHU, Collistar, has joined the United Nations Global Compact, the strategic corporate citizenship initiative widest in the world.

Bolton Group thus joins the thousands of companies that, on a global level, are committed to transforming their business model by adopting sustainable and social responsibility policies. The Global Compact encourages companies around the world to share, support and apply in their sphere of influence ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption and promotes initiatives in support of the objectives of UN sustainable development. Launched in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact now numbers over 12,000 companies from 160 countries around the world and has given birth to a new reality of global collaboration.

“Our adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact is an important step in a process of openness to all the players who can contribute to the sustainable development of our business model. We are determined to do more, together with our people and together with our partners who share this approach. In an increasingly interconnected world, global initiatives are essential to ensure concrete results towards sustainability. A common, united and strong policy is needed to transform development strategies into a more sustainable future. I am confident that joining the Global Compact will be decisive in enabling our company to contribute to this change”, said Marina Nissim , executive president of Bolton Group.

Bolton Group's adhesion to the Global Compact is an integral part of the Group's sustainable development strategy, which works on these issues through its “We Care” sustainability plan . "Our companies, our products and our people can influence the world that we will leave to future generations", says Giuseppe Morici, CEO of Bolton Group. "We fully recognize ourselves in the 10 fundamental principles of the Global Compact and have been collaborating in these areas with NGOs, global institutions, innovators such as ISSF, WWF and more recently Oxfam”, concludes Morici.

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