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Heineken aims for carbon neutral by 2030

New goals announced as part of the EverGreen growth strategy

Heineken announced its commitment to become carbon neutral in manufacturing by 2030 and across the value chain by 2040. The announcement marks the first in a series of "Brew a Better World" goals, which are part of the the company's new EverGreen growth strategy. In order to decarbonise its production sites, Heineken said it will maximize energy efficiency and renewable energy use by 2030. By 2030, the brewer also aims to cut emissions by 30% across the board. its value chain, including the areas of cultivation, packaging and logistics.

"We aim to be carbon neutral at our production sites by 2030 to reach the 1.5 °C target set by the Paris Agreement. We will further reduce our emissions through energy efficiency and accelerate the transition to renewable energy", said the CEO and president of Heineken, Dolf van den Brink ."Much of our carbon footprint, beyond manufacturing, comes from agriculture, packaging, distribution and cooling. This means we will work closely with our suppliers and partners to achieve our ambitious goal of a zero-carbon value chain by 2040".

The Dutch company said it has already started working towards its goals; has reduced carbon emissions in its breweries by 51% since 2008. Since making a commitment to switch to renewable energy in 2018, Heineken has implemented over 130 renewable energy projects. Last year, Heineken announced that all beer sold in the Dutch market is brewed using 100% green energy. In December, it signed an agreement to build a wind farm in Finland, which will supply renewable energy to the European network of companies and supply 13 of its operating companies. As part of the change, Heineken became a member of the Business Ambition for 1.5C, Race to Zero and RE100.

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