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Sanpellegrino cancels CO2 emissions by 2022

Investments of over 4 million euros per year to accelerate the adoption of biofuels

Sanpellegrino, the leading company in Italy in the mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks sector, intensifies its efforts to combat climate change and on the occasion of Earth Day, announces its commitment to cancel the emissions of its S. Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Sanpellegrino soft drinks by 2022. "Stopping the rise in temperatures by drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the most ambitious global challenges of the next ten years", said Stefano Marini , CEO of the Group. " Only by facing climate change will we be able to renew the ecological balance and safeguard our planet for present and future generations. As Sanpellegrino, therefore, we want to contribute with concrete actions to keep global warming within 1.5 ° C, by intervening on four key areas of our business: production, packaging, logistics and natural capital. As a first step we will cancel, by 2022, the emissions of our international brands, S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and soft drinks, and then achieve the same goal by extending it to the entire product portfolio of the company by 2025 ".

The company has been working for years to reduce energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of its production activity by introducing measures that have made it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by about 60% in the last 9 years. Since 2010, the Group has used electricity in its plants exclusively from renewable sources and has recently made investments to optimize the use of natural gas and biofuels. All the packaging materials used, PET, glass and aluminum, are 100% recyclable. Reducing the weight of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and removing unnecessary elements is part of the commitment to have products that are increasingly “sustainable by design”. In addition to continuous improvement in packaging design, the Group is increasing the use of recycled plastic, with an intensive use of rPet (recycled Pet) in the bottles and rPE (recycled PE) in the plastic film that covers the packs. A concrete example is the launch in 2020 of the Acqua Panna bottle made for export, entirely in recycled PET plastic (100% rPet).

Sanpellegrino has joined, as a founding member, Coripet, the voluntary non-profit consortium recognized by the Ministry of the Environment. The main objectives of Coripet are to increase the levels of collection and recycling of PET bottles and to create a circular economy model through the implementation of the closed Italian "bottle to bottle" chain that transforms the post-consumer bottle into a new resource and guarantees the production of rPet suitable for direct food contact in compliance with EU regulation no. 282/2008. The company plans to invest over 4 million euros per year in the use of biofuels, both for land and sea transport, with a reduction in emissions of -6% in 2025.

The Group is developing a series of activities to enhance natural capital and help reduce Co2 emissions. An example is the collaboration of Acqua Panna with Federparchi which kicked off the project "the source of biodiversity" designed to monitor and record the flora and fauna present in the Acqua Panna reserve in Mugello. In this area of 1,300 hectares, green lung for the removal of emissions, the company will also activate a path with the Sant'Anna school of Pisa and Federparchi to quantify the carbon dioxide removed and optimize the management of the reserve to enhance the absorption of Co2. Sanpellegrino has achieved the AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) certification of the plant where S.Pellegrino water is bottled: an award that encourages and rewards the commitment to follow internationally recognized guidelines in the sustainable and shared management of local water resources.

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