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"En Primeur" arrive on Vindome

The wine trading platform will be the first app to sell Bordeaux wines online

Vindome, the first app dedicated to online investment in fine wines, is ready to turn the spotlight on the "Semaine des Primeurs", one of the appointments of the world wine calendar, scheduled from 26 to 29 April in Bordeaux, the chosen stage where sector experts and sommeliers will judge the wines of the 2020 harvest of the 131 Châteaux of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

Vindome will be the first wine trading app to put the so-called En Primeur for sale in real time on its channels, i.e. wines still in cask on which to invest net of duties and VAT before their bottling and placing on the market. Immediately after the closing of the Bordeaux week, coinciding with the start of the sales campaign, the company will reveal the individual ratings of the labels day by day at the same time as they are put on sale, thus allowing users to start investing and winning the most prestigious bottles. 

Characterized by a significantly lower cost than the future market price, the En Primeur or, as they are also defined, the "Futures of wines", represent an opportunity to purchase rare wines produced in limited quantities and allow you to profit by exploiting the price increase of the bottle once it is put on the market. The En Primeur system has a centuries-old tradition in Bordeaux and today with Vindome it becomes accessible to everyone thanks to an easy-to-use app and site, made even more accessible by the new versions in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Russian. During the Bordeaux week, Vindome will keep all its investors, collectors and wine enthusiasts informed with real-time updates on tastings and all the news in the sector that will emerge during the event.

The company has signed a partnership with Saturnalia, the service created by the all-Italian start-up Ticinum Aerospace and supported by the European Space Agency, which, thanks to a complex analysis system that crosses satellite data, artificial intelligence and weather surveys, processes 2D maps and 3D of wine territories to understand the quality and yield of the harvests. Thanks to this new service, available on the website, it is therefore possible to access the 2020 harvest report of the Bordeaux area to know in advance the state of health of the vineyards and land and consult the estimates provided for individual producers. receiving real insights to be able to choose which labels to invest in the best possible way.

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