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Parmigiano Reggiano: Guglielmo Garagnani 3rd VP of the Consortium

The BoD has set up the new executive committee

Guglielmo Garagnani is the third vice president who, together with Kristian Minelli (vicar) and Alessandro Bezzi, will support Nicola Bertinelli at the helm of the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium until 2025. Garagnani, president of the Bologna section, was elected yesterday morning by the Board of Directors during of the second session since the beginning of the new mandate.

The Board of Directors of the protection body has also set up the new executive committee which includes, together with the president and vice-presidents, Luca Cotti (president of sections of Parma), Giorgio Catellani (president of section of Reggio Emilia), Emilio Braghin ( section president of Modena), Cristian Odini (section president of Mantua), Giuseppe Scarica (councilor of the Parma section), Daniele Sfulcini (councilor of the Reggio Emilia section).

As required by the Consortium's statute, the executive committee exercises the powers conferred on it by the BoD with an initial analytical delegation and with subsequent specific provisions. The committee also carries out preliminary investigation and examination functions on matters falling within the competence of the BoD and, when necessary, takes urgent resolutions, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors.

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